Elisabeth Murdoch College School Farm
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Welcome to the Elisabeth Murdoch College School Farm!

Elisabeth Murdoch College is a Government school located in Langwarrin, about 45 minutes drive from Melbourne. The school has excellent facilities, and one of the most popular is the school's hobby farm, located within the school grounds.

Cute GoatThe school farm has been running for over 30 years, and has been growing ever since it was first started back in the late 1980's. Ever since it's opening, one teacher has been the key to it's success. Mr Andrew Cosby, one of the most dedicated teachers around has kept the farm on it's feet, and has been a role model to many students who have passed through the school.

The farm itself is more than a children's petting-zoo. The students regularly attend various agricultural shows with their animals throughout the year, and are highly regarded within the agricultural communities. But the farm isn't just about animals, the possibilities here are as diverse as the students themselves, and new things are happening all the time.


Currently, the farm accommodates around 70-80 sheep throughout the year, 30-40 chickens, a dozen Angora Goats, a couple of pigs, one Jersey cow and calf, one steer and a handful of birds. The animals on the property are treated with the highest respect, and the students who care for them take great pride in their wellbeing.


So please take the time to look around this website. Most of the content has been provided by the students themselves, to show off the knowledge and insight they have gained throughout their time spent at the EMC Farm. 


Last Edit: 30-08-2019