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White Suffolk

White suffolk's are a breed that is primarily used for their meat. It was originally bred with the Suffolk breed, crossed with a white breed ( mainly Poll Dorset ). The White Suffolk is the ideal prime lamb terminal sire. The White Suffolk has been developed in Australian conditions therefore is giving outstanding results in the dry, arid areas, and also in the higher rainfall districs of Australia. White Suffolk rams have a natural high fertility rate and can be mated at any time of the year. The result of the rams having high fertility rate is that hardy robust lambs are produced.  The ewes also have minimal lambing problems because of the smooth functional shape of the White Suffolk.The White Suffolk breed is known for smaller and smoother shoulders which assist in easier lambing and less losses at birth.

White Suffolk's at Berwick Show 20162016 White Suffolk Ewe Lamb - AsokaThor WS120233Some of many White Suffolk's Berwick Show 2016 Ribbons

At Elisabeth Murdoch College we have a mob of breeding White Suffolk ewes that are bred each year to produce lambs. At the college our main aim is to learn about the enterprise's we are commited to and to be able to eventually put something back into the Agriculture community.

As part of a way to inteact with other sheep breeders we attended local shows each year and exhibt our sheep to not only the agriculture community but the general public. It is a great way to learn new skills and meet new people.

Shows our White Suffolk Stud attend during the year:

  • Korumburra Show 
  • Berwick Show 
  • Redhill Show
  • Australian Sheep and Wool Show Bendigo
  • White Suffolk Bendigo Elite Show 
  • Royal Geelong Show 
  • Dandenong Show

Korumburra Show 2016Thor getting shawn

 White Suffolk Stud Sheep for 2017

Ewe Lambs:

Rosalina 0267

Foxy 0263

Peach 0264

Ram Lambs:

Luigi 0268

Ekans 0273

Bowser 0275


Athena 1011

Luna 1033

Ginny 1034

Alison 1020

Caterpillar 1046

Bella 1030

Stormfly 1038

 Asoka 0253

Jade 0258


Thor 120233

Chew-bacca 0252


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Last Edit: 21-02-2017