Elisabeth Murdoch College School Farm
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Angora Goats
Angora Goats!!

The Angora Goats came to the school's farm 6 years ago, they were kindly donated by Margaret Nicholls and the stud has been growing and improving since then.

Angora Goats are bred for the fiber they produce called Mohair. Mohair is a soft, strong, log fiber used mostly or clothing.

Of the fleece-producing animals we have at the farm the goats fleece is worth the most!

Angora Goats fleece is made up of staples which have a curl and a wave, their fleece grows quickly and is shorn of the animal every 6 months.

Female Angora Goats are called does and males are called bucks. Goats under 12 months old are called kids.

Some of the husbandry tasks the students do with the goats include weighing, paring, crutching, feeding and general health and well being tasks. At the moment the school has 19 goats! Including 10 adult does, 3 doe kids, 3 buck kids, 2 young bucks and 1 young doe.

The flock has improved greatly in the past couple of years and we hope it will get even better this year from artificially inseminating all of our does with seamen from some the states best Angora bucks.

Shows we attend:
Berwick show
Pakenham show
Australian sheep and wool show/Australasian Angora goat show
Lilydale show (newly)

Our previous show success:
Pakenham 2011: champion kid, champion buck, champion doe as well as reserves and our champ buck won supreme champion animal.
Pakenham 2010:champion doe, reserve champ buck and our doe won supreme champion animal.
Berwick 2010: Appraisal class 1, champion doe
Pakenham Show 2009: reserve champion doe, champion doe.

Last Edit: 18-01-2013