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Angora Goats
Angora Goats!!!

The Angora goats came to Elisabeth Murdoch College's Farm in 2006. They were kindly donated by Margaret Nicholls and the stud has been growing and improving since then.
The Angora goats are bred for their fibre called mohair. Mohair is a soft, lustrous fibre mainly used in clothing production.
Of all the fleece we produce in the farm, the mohair that is produced from these goats worth the most.
Angora goat fleece is made up of staples that consist of style (twist) and character (wave). Their fleece is shorn every 6 months.
A female goat is called a "doe" and a male goat is called a "buck". Goats under 12 months are called "kids".
Some husbandry tasks that are performed on the goats includes paring, weighing, crutching, drenching, shearing, feeding, vaccinating and more!
In 2017 we have 13 Angora goats which include 1 buck and 1 buck kid, 3 doe kids and 8 adult does. We are also expecting 8 kids from our does at the end of the year. 
Each of our goats get named when they are born and all have different personalities. sometimes when a kid is born we will have to bottle feed them.
Shows we attend:
Berwick show (The end of February)
Australian sheep and wool show/Australasian Angora goat show (Middle of July)
Dandenong show (Middle of November)
Last Edit: 04-08-2017