Elisabeth Murdoch College School Farm
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Our Sires

Our Past and Present Hampshire Down Sires

Burrandool 1005 (Murry)
This was our first ram, who produced a number of stud ewes and rams for the school.

Langwarrin 7 (Seven)
One of the first Hamp lambs born at the school, he was a long well structured ram.

Burrandool 5037 (Turbo)
He was a well muscled ram, who won a string of awards at many shows. Producing some quality ewes for us.

Johnos 719 (Hector)
This ram has had the biggest influence in the stud by far, he has produced some outstanding progeny. Many of his lambs have won a string of awards and many shows, genrally taking out Best Short Wool Group. His lambs never cease to impress.

Langwarrin 64 (Carbo)
Son of Johno 719, he also has produced some very promising progeny himself from his first drop of lambs. We look forward to seeing this years lambs.

Ramsay Park 77/01
This ram was used in our 2010 A.I program, we have a ram lamb from him showing some good potential.

Last Edit: 07-03-2011