Elisabeth Murdoch College School Farm
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Our Chooks

Some of our chooks here at the college are:

Kept mainly for their kid-friendliness, and showing.

Silkie Pullet
Australorp X New Hampshire
Layers all round. Although not quite as productive as Isa Browns, these hens are nicer looking, and don't try eating each other..
As strange as the name suggests. These chooks look as if they have wandered too close to a power-point. We have these for their interesting looks, as well as for showing.

Isa Browns
No nonsense, egg-a-day layers.
Isa's can feather-pick each other when bored or don't have adequate feed.

Light Sussex  

Belgian D'Uccle
(Pronounced: "Dew-clay")

Last Edit: 18-01-2013