Elisabeth Murdoch College School Farm
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Coloured Corriedales


The Black and Coloured's were the first breed established at Elisabeth Murdoch College in the late 1980's, developing for over 20 years.
The Corriedale is a dual purpose breed, which our main focus is on the wool aspect of the Black and Coloureds. Our Corriedales vary in size, with small and larger frame ewes with varying wool coverage which is currently being improved with specifically selected Sires. The Black and Coloured produce a staple length of 115-150mm, with a wool count of 50s, 56s and 58s, and a fibre diameter of 25-32 microns. The Corriedale fleece is very popular with spinners as it can be spun with ease and is of a natural colour.


The shows currently attended by the Black and Coloured include:
-Korumburra Show
-Berwick Show
-Red Hill Show
-The Australian Sheep and Wool Show
-Dandenong Show


Last Edit: 16-04-2018