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On Wednesday the 29th of July 2014, Two students, Shanae Hall and Leia Cox travelled to woodend to assist a south down breeder in the lambing of his ewes. It was there they met a small southdown triplet that was rejected by her mother. The Lamb was named Neve (Latin for snow) after the cold climate she was born in and was brought back to Elisabeth Murdoch College to become a bottle fed lamb along side a Black and Coloured ewe lamb, named Elsa. Almost a year Later and Neve has grown from the small 2.5kg lamb to the beautiful cheeky 56kg ewe she is today.

Neve is currently the only southdown at Elisabeth Murdoch College (although that may change in the future!) and is loved by every student, from every stud. Although Neve is not able to compete in any shows, since we are not a registered Southdown stud, She still travels all over Victoria and attends many shows, from Red Hill Show 2014 to The Royal Geelong Show 2014. As well as this Neve also attends all of the Farm On Wheels progamns, dressing up as a fairy and wearing Geelong Football Clud Scarfs, although her cheeky, no fear attitude means she ends up getting majority of the attention!

Last Edit: 25-06-2015