Elisabeth Murdoch College School Farm
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Every good farm needs a few chooks running arround, and the EMC school farm is no different.

Australorp X New Hampshire Hens

The poultry at the EMC farm have been around since eraly on in it's development, but have generally been overlooked. Over the last few years, this has grown into a major part of the farm program.

Incubator ChickThe poultry are well looked after by a number of keen students, and take part in a number of the farms activities. They have been a main forcuss in the Agriculture and Horticulture carriculum for year 8's through to the VCE program. A selection of the best chickens are taken with the sheep to a number of shows throughout the year, and have been kown to do fairly well. The chooks, and soon ducks, also tag along to the Farm On Wheels days, and are a big hit with all the younger kids who come to see them.

Chicks say hello

Currently the farm accomodates about 40 chickens, ranging from the 'lay-an-egg-a-day' Isa 
Browns, to the fancy Silkies and Belgian D'Uccles. We have the facilities to hatch and brood (raise) our own eggs and chicks, and have successfully hatched about 50 chicks over the last 2 years.

Last Edit: 13-02-2014